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Damascus Oregon Real Estate

Short sales are looking even better right now. I noticed the inventory is raising locally. Might be a good thing for investors.

cherry lucas

Thousands of Americans are failing to receive a loan modification and are losing their homes because of mistakes in their Hardship Letters; Don’t let your family be one of them!” - Get the FREE Hardship Letter Sample NOW

victoria samuels

Hardship Letter Sample #1

Creditor Name
Phone Number
RE: Hardship Letter for (address of home)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently experiencing a financial hardship because of(explain your hardship here: business failure, medical bills, loss of job, death etc)

Due to my (decreased income or increased expenses) which started (date) I am not able to meet my payments for my original loan.

For your convenience I have included some paperwork which will substantiate my current situation.


Proof of Income
Late Notices
Bank Statements
Medical Bills
Tax Forms
(include any paperwork that will help substantiate your situation)

I understand my responsibility to repay my loan and have been a loyal customer to (your lenders name) for (length of time you have been with the institution) I am asking for a loan modification. Specifically, I would like to lower my monthly payments to (calculated amount) which is 31% of my gross income. (alternatively you could ask for a short sale agreement, loan extension, fee forgiveness etc)

I am certain my financial hardship will only be temporary. In fact I have taken the extra steps of (getting a second job, reducing my monthly cable/phone/internet bill) and am confident with a mortgage modification I will be able to make my monthly payments on time every time.

Please contact me with any questions at your earliest convenience; (phone number).

Thank you for your time.


your name


phone #

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